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App Review Process

Submit an App for Review

In order to publish your app to Jobber's marketplace, allowing service providers to connect and use your app, your app must first be tested, reviewed, and approved by Jobber. When you submit your app, we will ask you to complete our App Pre-Submission Checklist. For more information about the app testing process, see the Testing An App section. You can request a review of your app by clicking on the three dots action menu next to your app in the Manage Apps view. If you do not intend to publish your app in Jobber's App Marketplace, see the Custom Integrations section.

Cancel a Review

If you wish to cancel a requested review for whatever reason, you can simply cancel a review in a similar manner to above. In the apps list view, click on the three dots, and there will be a button which allows you to cancel a requested review.

What to Expect After Requesting a Review

After having submitted your app for review, Jobber will review your app and follow up with you at the email address associated to your account on the Developer Center to discuss next steps and the testing process. From there, we will discuss details on anything that may require changing in order to best fit in with Jobber's ecosystem. Jobber has a very high standard for app quality and we strive for great user experience in all apps released to Jobber's App Marketplace.

If your app meets our acceptance level of quality its state will be changed from "in_review" to "approved". It will not yet appear in Jobber's App Marketplace right away though. You will receive a follow up email from Jobber to discuss next steps and timing of the app release.