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Testing Your Application

Creating a Jobber Tester Account

If you have not yet created a Jobber tester account, please see this section for more details.

Linking Your Tester Account to Your App

Allowing your app to access your test account's data is as simple as following the OAuth flow outlined in Authorizing an App.

Testing Your Queries/Mutations in GraphiQL

Before fully implementing all of the GraphQL queries and mutations that your app may be using, it is often easiest to test these out by first Making API Requests in GraphiQL.

Testing Process for Apps to be Published

In order for your app to be published in Jobber's App Marketplace, there are typically 3 main steps to the testing process:

1. Internal Testing by Developer

  • Your application should be sufficiently tested by you or your organization before submitting for Review
  • Do not engage with any existing Jobber customers to test your application before first coordinating with your Jobber developer representative
    • Mass distribution of URLs to connect to your app is prohibited unless authorized by Jobber
    • API access will be blocked if your app is detected connecting to more than 5 paying Jobber accounts while still in Draft state
  • Keep any announcements about your app private until your app has been approved through Jobber's App Review process
  • Contact your Jobber developer representative or email [email protected] if you would like to end-to-end test the "Connect" and "Disconnect" workflows for your app from Jobber's App Marketplace.

2. App Review Testing by Jobber

  • After your internal testing is completed, submit your App for Review and Jobber will verify your application's functionality and conduct and round of testing, submitting a request for changes if necessary
  • If your app requires a login/subscription in order to be used, Jobber will require that a test account be created in your software for this testing
  • The App Marketplace listing details (eg. Description, Features & Benefits, etc.) will also be reviewed in this phase
  • Some example test cases include:
    • Jobber users can successfully connect, disconnect, and reconnect your app (enabling proper functionality again)
    • Proper usage and data formatting in any Jobber fields where data is input
    • Any modifications/additions of client data (eg. contact information) are properly synced back to Jobber
    • Duplication of data (eg. duplication of clients or properties) is prevented

3. Beta Testing with Actual Jobber Customers

  • Once your app has been approved by Jobber's App Review team, there will typically be a 2 week period of Beta testing with selected Jobber users/customers before your app is released to the general public
    • Further changes may be requested based on feedback from Jobber users