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Editing a Published App

Once your app is Published/Approved, there may be times when you want to modify the scopes to add new functionality or update the landing page to explain new features of your app.

Follow these steps to modify your app:

1: Create a Revision

To create a revision, from Manage Apps click the Actions button (...), then select Create a revision. Creating a revision copies your app so that you can make changes to the scopes, logos, images, etc.

The new app will have a state called Revision Draft. This state differentiates the revision from other apps, and any changes will not affect the original app it's revising until it has been re-reviewed.

App with revision

If the scopes are changed, there will be a message box for you to provide the reason the new scopes were added or removed. This message is for users of your app so they can see why they need to re-authorize it.

Reasons scope change

2: Request a Review

Once you're happy with the changes to your app, you’re ready to re-submit your app. To request a review, click the Actions (...) button and select Request review. Be sure to verify that all of the changes you've made in the revision (including App Name, Callback URLs, or Webhook URLs) are the final values that you would like for the Approved/Published app. After your app has been reviewed and approved, the changes will be used to replace the original Approved/Published app and the revision version of the app will no longer be visible.

See Review Process for more details.

3: Review Accepted

Once your app is reviewed and published, the revised app that was created will be removed from your Manage Apps list. You will then only see a single Published/Approved app that includes your changes. At this point if new scopes were added, any Service Provider who connected with the app will receive a message to re-authorize their app allowing for the new scopes to then be utilized.